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When it comes to glamour-whether you're

When it comes to glamour-whether you're conversation approaching a scope interior or a rage statement-it's not approaching the flare.

The juxtaposition of down-to-earth and elaborate, mingled with an unexpected touch a chord of extravagance, is result its way into Manhattan lofts and Malibu Bauhaus beach houses.

The mention of glamour is added with solitary statement part, and whether it's a gilded Venetian mirror or a spectacular leather turquoise chaise in the highlight of an all-white living scope, with the purpose of solitary part adds a little luxury to an otherwise casual scope setting.

The choose of this down-to-earth and elegant glamour trend is "non-chaluxe."

It is unsurpassed incarnate by the contemporary Hollywood-20-something stars and starlets who mix $20 T-shirts with $350 designer shoes and wander the streets of Soho with little kids in tow. It's like wearing "the little black dress" with solitary amazing part of jewelry.

"Glamour doesn't control to be finished the top. One fantastic chair or couch placed in the middle of a subdued move back is a wonderful way to celebrate life. Our take on turquoise is our reading of an amazing part of jewelry on our favorite down-to-earth dress," held Pasquale Natuzzi, head of the company and chief designer of Natuzzi, manufacturer of sofas, sectionals and chairs.

The chaise is covered in rich, succulent turquoise leather so it can be paired with the matching special chair or complemented by the company's sectional couch in turquoise Tirelli fabric.

Both the chair and sectional are anchored in stunning, slender, brushed metal legs in support of a lean mercifulness Kelly-esque attractive appeal-simplicity with an elegant, fashionable twist.

You can place all these pieces concurrently or mix and match them with tag trade items, or sparse, sparsely contrasting furnishings. Whether choosing solitary elegant piece-or a set-look in support of cutting-edge design and superior Italian craftsmanship, says Natuzzi, who has been deceitful and manufacturing residential furniture since 1959 and has full-grown into a international leader in the leather upholstery problem.

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